Thursday, September 3, 2020

Why Waterproofing Is Important for Concrete

Waterproofing is required on the building that they are designing.  

Waterproofing may be included for a piece of mind, this is the one component of the building that it may be best to caution on the side

five reasons why waterproofing is required.

  1. Keep water out of the concrete

  2. To protect the structure and steel bars

  3. Hydro-static pressure

  4. Code requirements

  5. Economics: the cost of excavation


     There are several points where a below grade exterior component is prone to moisture infiltration. These points require proper design diligence from architects to keep moisture out of the building. Some of the more common areas of concern are:

    1. Tie-rod Holes
    2. Cold Joints
    3. Expansion Joints
    4. Penetrations
    5. Internal Drains
    6. Structural Connections 




Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Now we offer solutions for domestic and small scale applications also.
We have well experienced team to provide our service with 10 years guarantee.

     Waterproofing Solutions for 
  • Balcony and terrace, blind walls
  • Bathrooms ( Special bathroom treatments )
  • Roof slabs , concrete gutter
  • Swimming pools
  • Basements
  • Water tanks

We are using only High quality Construction chemicals and materials and Premium-Grade construction Joint Sealants
Applications are doing by Well Experienced technicians
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